Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Tips to Get the Most of Your Next Fishing Trip

If you live in an area that is close to the coast, you might be interested in going fishing with your friends or family, once in a while. The highlight of your fishing trip is likely to be when you end up catching a big one. But for you to get an enjoyable adventure while fishing, you’ll need to plan forehand. Here are some tips to make your next fishing excursion fun for you and your loved ones.

1.      Know how to target the fish you want
There are many types of fish and each one requires a different strategy to catch. For instance, if you are going trolling, expect to catch kingfish, mackerel and wahoo. Offshore fishing targets the larger types of fish such as the black fin tuna which will put up a great fight before you are able to land them on your boat. You need to prepare well for the type of fish you are likely to catch depending on where you go fishing.  

2.      Carry the right gear
It’s always good to know what you should carry on your next fishing trip. If you’ll be going with a charter boat, expect to find all the gear such as the bait, rods and reels already provided. You’ll need other things like a cooler to keep the fish you catch. Make sure you call the charter boat service and ensure they provide all the bait and equipment you’ll need. Don’t just show up and expect them to provide everything.

3.      Proper timing is key
For you and your family to have a great time and catch some fish, you’ll need to avoid going fishing at a bad time. A charter boat service is likely to advice you on the best time to go fishing based on their experience. Remember that you are likely to be there for a long time, so carry some food and drinks. If you are on medication, carry enough medicine to take you through the duration of your trip.

4.      Choose a good charter service
When planning a fishing trip, you really need to know your options. Book a length of trip that is most appropriate for you and your friends. Most trips take 4 to 16 hours so you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to duration. Find out if the boat allows children, that is, the acceptable age range. It would be wise to ask about the amenities offered. Are the cabins air conditioned, do they have a restroom? How many people can the boat carry? Asking these questions beforehand helps you to narrow down your options and settle for the perfect boat.

5.      Focus on the fun part

Once you’ve asked all the important questions, booked the charter boat and prepared for the trip, focus on enjoying yourself. The boat service may even provide you with a guide who will help you out and answer any concerns you might have during the trip. Though this may cost extra, it helps you to focus on enjoying your trip.

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